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June 24, 2021

We Will Never Forget

   Worcester 6     

December 3, 1999

FDNY 343 

 September 11, 2001

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Posted On: Feb 16, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

A few updates and reminders:

- Please vote in the Local 30 Election of Officers.  Contact Brother Brandon Hugh with any ballot issues.  The voting deadline is Monday, March 1st at 12:00pm.

- Please submit any proposals for Bargaining to Secretary John Magee at

- Please see Department emails and the Local 30 homepage for information about wake and funeral arrangements for Brother Spike Lawless.  Contact Nick DiPace if you would like to participate in the casket guard or color guard.

- Members are encouraged to fill out and submit a Form 18P documenting a Presumptive Injury if they have tested positive for Covid-19 or have received findings related to Presumptive Injuries under MGL Chapter 32, Sections 94, 94A, or 94B after their CT scans through the Mass. Fire Academy.

- Vaccinations for CFD members are progressing steadily.  Currently, 231 members have received their first dose, and most members have received their second dose.  This represents more than 85% of the Department. Although side effects can be significant in some members, particularly after the second dose or in members who had tested positive for Covid-19, most members reported mild side effects.  No serious side effects have been reported, and almost all side effects were completely resolved after 24-48 hours.

Any member who has not yet been vaccinated, but would like to receive the vaccine should contact the EMS Division.  Local 30, the PFFM, and the IAFF are encouraging all interested members to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their families.  To date, the Moderna vaccine (which is available for CFD members) is 100% effective in preventing serious disease or death from Covid-19, and more than 94% effective in preventing any disease effects at all from Covid-19.

Thank you all for your continued efforts.  Please contact any member of the Executive Board with any questions or concerns.

Local 30 Executive Board

Weekly Covid Update:

Cumulative Total Number of Covid-Positive Members-39
Current Number of Members Isolated with Covid- 0
Current Number of Covid-Positive CFD Immediate Family Members known to the EMS Division: 3
Current Number of Quarantined Members- 3
Current Number of Members in City Hotel Housing- 0
Current Number of Members who have received Vaccine Dose One: 231
Current Number of Covid-Positive Cambridge Residents- 731

Cambridge Fire Fighters
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