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Fire Protection Engineer Info
Posted On: Apr 24, 2009

Fire Protection Construction Documents: Fire Protection Documents must be reviewed by the building and fire official prior to the issuance of a building permit. Complete fire protection construction documents shall be submitted in accordance with 780 CMR 110 and a building permit obtained prior to the installation of all "required" or "non required" fire protection systems.  A narrative is required to be submitted with the documents (780 CMR 903.1.1).  If no fire protection systems are required, or if no fire protection work is being done, then an affidavit indicating the reason for no fire protection work shall be submitted.  (note: for minor alterations or tenant improvements to existing buildings, only a brief description of the fire protection work being done within the scope of of the building permit will be necessary).

Engineer Stamp: A "wet" stamp and signature of a Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineer is required on all fire protection construction documents being submitted. If plans are being submitted in accordance with MGL 54A, the plans must be signed by or a letter must be submitted indicating the person or company who designed the plans.  Please submit (3) sets of plans when applying for building permit.

Sprinkler Calculations: Sprinkler calculations are required for all system installations or alterations when more than 10 heads are being added.  Please contact the Water Department for hydrant and water main information.

Administrative Appeals: If alternative fire protection design methodologies are to be used, or if a variance from the prescriptive provisions of the building code is to be used, please contact the  Board of Building Regulations and Standards. If any person is aggrieved by a decision of the head of the fire department regarding sprinkler systems in buildings more than seventy feet in height or in buildings or additions more that 7500sq ft, please contact the Massachusetts Fire Safety Commission Sprinkler Appeals Board.

Massachusetts State Building Code Online:

Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS):

Massachusetts Fire Safety Commission:


Codes Currently In Effect: The following codes are currently in effect for fire protection design:

  • Sprinkler - NFPA 13 (2003 edition)
  • Fire Alarm - NFPA 72 (2003 edition)
  • Fire Pump - NFPA 20 (2003 edition)
  • Mass State Building Code - 6th edition

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