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July 17, 2024

We Will Never Forget

   Worcester 6     

December 3, 1999

FDNY 343 

 September 11, 2001

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Jun 12, 2009

Cambridge Fire Department

Line of Duty Deaths




F.F. Charles A. Jones

Ladder Co. 1

August 27, 1968


F.F. John A. Clark

Engine Co. 6

January 12, 1974


F.F. John E. Cullinane

Ladder Co. 2

December 24, 1975


F.F. John C. Cronshaw

Engine Co. 4

December 3, 1998


F.F. Robert N. Ferrera

Engine Co. 4

August 19, 1999


F.F. Paul Monahan

Engine Co. 9

March 12, 2001


Inspector Edward J. Fowler


October 12, 2001


Captain Barry M. Bennett

Engine Co. 1

November 2, 2003


F.F. William B. Morrison

Ladder Co. 4       

December 22, 2003


F.F. William Cochran

Engine Co. 6

April 11, 2006


F.F. Leonard F. Delaney

Ladder Co. 4

March 23, 2007


F.F. Michael A. Edwards

Engine Co. 8

September 7, 2009


Lieutenant Michael A. Clinton

Engine Co. 6 (Retired)

November 1, 2023

Jun 12, 2009

Members of

The Cambridge Fire Department

Who Have Passed Away




James Allen

William P. Allen

Charles T. Anderson

Jesse R. Andrews

Bernard T. Antonis

Joseph C. Arruda



Paul A. Balordi

Kenneth A. Banner

Ralph F. Barnes

Joseph F. Barrett

Thomas D. Bates

George E. Bennett

Wilfred A. Bennett

Philias P. Belanger

Anthony J. Blanchard

Paul J. Blanchard

George E. Blomquist

George E. Blomquist

Laurence A. Bolduc

Russell L. Bosworth

Frank X. Bransfield

Jeremiah J. Breen

John F. Brogan

Guy E. Brown

Philip J. Brownrigg

Daniel M. Burke

George E. Byars, Jr.

John J. Byrne

Thomas A. Byrne



John J. Callan

William Cantwell

George A. Carpenter

Donald P. Carr

Robert A. Carroll

Anthony G. Carvalho

Robert U. Cauchon

Alphonse L. Chilani

Walter H. Clancy

Frank C. Colarusso

Daniel C. Colozzi

James V. Conlin

Thomas B. Connarton

Francis J. Connelly

Edward J. Conrad

John J. Conroy

James P. Cook

Charles H. Cooke

Frederick M. Cooney

Laurence A. Corcoran

George R. Cotter

John F. Coughlin

Charles M. Coyne

Allen L. Cremins

Daniel V. Cremins

Dennis F. Cremins

John Leo Cremins

Patrick J. Cremins

William J. Cremins

William H. Crocker

Charles J. Crowley

Joseph D. Crowley

John J. Crusco

Richard C. Cully

Walter J. Currier

Edward L. Cuthbert



Joseph F. Daisy

Joseph G. Davidson

William F. Davidson

Guy F. DeBenedetto

Richard M. DeFrancisco

George D. Delany

John J. Delany

Leon J. Demartin

Edwin J. DeMont

Walter B. DeRonde

George J. Desrosiers

William A. Dias

Ralph P. Diehl

William E. Dilworth

John Domings

Edward J. Donahue

Charles F. Donohue

Lawrence E. Donovan

Timothy R. Donovan

Albert M. Donnelly

Francis S. Doyle

Edward L. Dudley



John F. Emery

Edward Ennis



Stanley C. Fabianski

John A. Fallon

Daniel J. Farren

Francis S. Fenney

Edward J. Fitzgerald

James E. Fitzgerald

Frank X. Flynn

John C. Flynn

David G. Fraser

Arthur J. Foster

Arthur L. Francis

Edward J. Frank

Thomas S. French

George H. Friel

William J. Friel



Leo P. Galvin

Clifford E. Galant

Ronald Gardner

Ernest A. Gelinas

Robert W. Gibb

Paul J. Girard

James H. Glennon

Howard J. Graham

Robert A. Gray


Edward R. Harrington

Francis J. Harrington

James S. Harrington

John P. Harrington

John F. Healey

Francis J. Higgins

Joseph B. Higgins

Timothy J. Holland



Nicholas Iannacci

Frederick P. Ikels



David C. Jenkins, Jr.

John M. Jillett

Charles Jones

William E. Joyce,Sr.



John J. Kearns

Timothy J. Keefe

Joseph D. Keohane

James J. Kelley

James P. Kelley

William J. Kelley

Vincent F. Kelley, Jr.

John F. Kenney

Maurice F. Keon

John F. Klevas

Stanley T. Kotowski

Gustave A. Kuhn, Jr.



John F. Labossiere

Jeffrey J. Landry

Arthur L. Largenton, Jr.

Maitland F. LaRose

John P. Larson, Jr.

Francis L. Lawson

William A. Lawson

Joseph J. Leary

Joseph J. Leary, Jr.

Daniel P. LeHane

William J. Lively

William W. Lusk, Jr.

Frank A. Lyghorn

Frank Lyons



Alexander M. Madden

Henry E. Maggio, Jr.

John J. Mahady

Michael J. Mahoney

John M. Mahoney

Thomas J. Mahoney

Charles J. Maliewski

Paul F. Maloney

Paul A. Mangan

Harry J. Martin

John McCabe

William J. McCabe, Jr.

Robert E. McCleery

George W. McCoy

Michael J. McDonald

Patrick L. McDonnell

Donald McElearney

Robert W. McGrath

Charles F. McLaughlin

William M. McMahon

Ronald F. Melin

Andrew J. Merrick

Evariste H. Metevier

George W. Mickle

Martin P. Molloy

Lawrence F. Morrissey

Robert J. Morrissey

Vincent L. Moynihan

Robert F. Muchata

Joseph A. Mullen

James E. Mulrey

Andrew R. Murphy

Charles P. Murphy

Daniel F. Murphy

Edward T. Murphy

Francis E. Murphy

Francis J. Murphy

Joseph J. Murphy

Richard J. Murphy

Thomas W. Murphy



James J. Nagle

Laurence Navin

William F. Nowosielski



Cornelius J. Obrien

Frank J. Oliver

Robert B. O’Neill



Philip A. Paris

Joseph A. Perroni

Emile A. Poirier

Melvin L. Ponte



Donald J. Redding

Daniel J. Reagan

Peter M. Reagan

John F. Rielly

Joseph E. Roberts

Clarence J. Robillard

Joseph C. Robillard

Edward L. Rose

William T. Rose

William J. Ross

Robert Ruffing

Patrick V. Russell

Harry A. Ryan

Martin P. Ryan, Jr.

William C. Ryan



William F. Scally

Joseph A. Schifferdecker

Douglas R. Scholl

Edward J. Sdankus

Gerald R. Sears

Walter F. Seeley

James Sexton

Leo J. Shallow

Herbert F. Shea

Joseph D. Sheehan

William E. Sheehan

John S. Shinkwin

Thomas D. Short

Edward H. Silva

William R. Skelley, Jr.

Richard J. Smith

Thomas E. Smith

David F. Southwick

Manuel Souza

Robert P. Souza

George H. Spindler

Arthur X. St. Sauveur

George W. Stansbury

Robert M. Stewart

James H. Sullivan

Thomas Sullivan

William E. Sullivan

William L. Sullivan

Francis J. Sweeney



Matthew S. Tanko

John J. Tatton

George W. Thorpe

Arthur W. Tisdale

John B. Toomey

Harold J. Travers

Manuel G. Travers

Jean Paul Turgeon



Ralph Underwood

Eldon T. Urquhart



Joseph J. Volpe

Julio T. Volpe 


David A. Walsh

Robert L. Walsh

Laurence J. Watts

Timothy F. White

Frank E. Wood



Henery O. Yeagle

Jun 23, 2009

The Fire Fighter's Prayer 

When I am called to duty God… 

Wherever flames may rage… 

Give me strength to save a life whatever be its age. 

Let me embrace a little child… 

Before it is too late… 

Or save an older person from the horror of that fate… 

Enable me to be alert… 

And hear the weakened shout… 

And quickly and efficiently… 

Put the fire out. 

I want to fill my calling… 

To give the best in me… 

To guard my friend and neighbor… 

And protect their property. 

And, if…according to Your will… 

While on duty I must answer death's call… 

Bless with your protecting hand…My family, one and all.

Jun 12, 2009

Fire Fighter's Ritual


Memory is the priceless heritage of the ages. It is the echoing voice of happy days experience, sad emotions, fond recollections, beautiful friendships, and the comradeship of those whose hearts were true.


“Today we are alone with our memories of those brave Fire fighters of the City of Cambridge who have not returned from the ‘Last Alarm!’ Tradition tells us they are dead; reason tells us they are absent for a while, memory tells us they will be with us all the days of our lives; and faith tells us we shall someday meet them again.


“In the midst of their earthly activities, the pale rider came and singled them to the realms of Eternity. Obedient to duty they laid down their tasks and with fearless smiles on their lips, they responded to the decree from the Great White Throne of eternal love beyond the azure skies.


“Within the enshrouding soil, their mortal bodies repose, so that beloved ones might pilgrimage thither with fragment flower-tokens of affectionate remembrance, but the souls of our departed brothers are on the wings of angels, bound for the far distant shores of eternal bliss, where Thy Almighty Spirit of perfect love will hand to each the priceless gift of immortality.


“Each wind that sweeps back to us from the eternal shores bears the admonishing voices of our departed brothers, who seek to tell that life is short and time is fleeting; the voices tinged with affection and clarified with the wisdom of their new adventure, whisper that it is best for earthly joy to honor our parents, hold as sacred the veneration of The Supreme Being, practice faithfulness in all things, develop fine spirit and high courage, engender generosity to friends, neighbors, and the stranger within our gates, help the unfortunate, fill the hearts with melodious music of tolerance and mercy, be true to our GOD, our homes and our country, and all the days of our lives let our hearts be softened to the beautiful dictates of justice.


“And, thus, dear brothers, when we too respond to our last alarm, we shall find our departed brothers, waiting with the light of love in their eyes to lead us to The Eternal Father who rewards those who love truth, practice charity, honor chastity and stand with justice.


“With deepest reverence, dear brothers, let us bow the head for a little while and say our silent prayer for the repose of the souls of our departed brothers, who never came back from ‘The Last Alarm.’ AMEN”

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