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July 17, 2024

We Will Never Forget

   Worcester 6     

December 3, 1999

FDNY 343 

 September 11, 2001

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For those of you who still visit our website, the Member Log-In was updated to active members only. The reason behind this change was for easier utilization and tracking of the new "Member Resources" notification features on the website and our new mobile app. The majority of the content will continue to be available wihout a password. Some of the non-sensitive items were moved to the main menu and others will have the password protection lifted for your convenience. Use the "Contact Us" form if you're interested in receiving a new login to have access to any specific Member Resources folders. 

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you all a long, happy, and healthy retirement!

Feb 19, 2019

This year's reunion was held on February 16, 2019 at Tom Casey's house in Port Charlotte

Front Row (L/R): Billy Wood and Harold Graff

Back Row (L/R): Tom Casey, Larry Buchannon, Morgan Sheafer, Spike Lawless, Bill Hugh, John Ruffing, Larry Hodgdon, Dave Scholl, and Joe Lawless

Feb 19, 2019

This year's reunion was held on February 18, 2017 at Kenny O'Connor's house in Cape Coral

Front Row (L/R): Ronnie Mattos, Dan Flaherty, Mike Papsadero, Bill Hugh, Tom Casey, and Ken O'Connor

Back Row (L/R): Harold Graff, Dick Teas, Morgan Sheafer, Larry Buchannon, Dave Scholl, John Ruffing, Larry Hodgdon, and John Mester (FDNY)

Mar 27, 2015

Mar 11, 2014

Front Row (L/R): John Mester(FDNY), Ed MacAskill, Ken O'Connor
Back Row (L/R): Stan Kotowski, Dick Teas, Jim Marcantonio, Morgan Sheafer,
                          John Ruffing, Bill Hugh, Bill Phelan, Dave Sholl, Harold Grafe

May 13, 2013
Feb 21, 2012

Front row (left to right) - Charlie Budryk, Joe Lawless, Ken O'Connor, Harold Grafe, and Mike Papsedero
Back Row (left to right) - Jack (Metheun FF), Ronnie Ring, Jim Marcantonio, Al Beggelman, Spike Lawless, John Mester (FDNY), Bill Hugh, Dan Flaherty, Bill Phelan, Dave Scholl, Dick Teas, John Ruffing, Larry Hodgdon, and Ed Santa Maria 

Mar 22, 2011

Front row (left to right) - Ed Santa Maria, Ken O'Connor, Bill Hugh, Ron Mattos, Dick Teas, Charlie Budryk, Mike Papsadero, Harold Grafe, Dave Sholl
Back Row (left to right) - Bill Phelan, Jack (Methuen FF), Ted Bibeau, John Mester (FDNY), Joe Lawless, Larry Hodgdon, John O' Leary, Morgan Shaffer, Spike Lawless, Jim Marcantonio, Jack Clarke, John Ruffing, Stanley Kotowski, Ronnie Ring

Mar 24, 2010


Back Row: Ron Ring, John Ruffing, Bob Paone, Dave Scholl, Jim Marcantonio, Dan Flaherty, Bob McKinley, Spike Lawless, Stan Kotowski, Bill Hugh, Morgan Schaffer, Joe Lawless, and Charlie Budrick
Front Row: Mike Papsedero, Jack Clarke, Harold Grafe, and Ken O'Connor

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